Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Con't... Week of Rest from Crossfit

Well continuing the week of rest from Crossfit...

Wednesday: Lifegroup. I love them. A lot. And I am so blessed to get to spend one evening a week with these Godly people. Never have Crossift on Wednesdays, so this was like any week.

Thursday: Instead of Crossfit - Dinner at Louie's with my little sis Mel. It was amazing to get to spend one-on-one time with her. Listening to her talk, I was fascinated with how mature and grown up she is. I didn't talk much but mostly listened, because I loved watching her. My mind is transforming in my view of her and it warms my heart. It really humbled me to engage with her and see into her heart. I had to ask God for forgiveness for having this preconceived notion of her. It made me thankful that she isn't bitter towards me for not being the sister to her that I should have been. But it made me change. And that is the divine revelation that God had planned for me. Sweet time with my sister, and a resolution to an internal struggle that I would simply just be here for her. She said she wants to have one-on-one dinners more often and I am so excited for the next one.

Friday: Instead of Crossfit - Relax. Then babysit the Newberry kids like I do most Fridays. Always a blast. Lately, they've just been a ton of fun. We colored the whole time! And they were easy to get to bed. It was like a dream. Bryan and I watched cable television together after I got them to bed. Relaxing evening.

I don't do Crossfit on weekends but:

Saturday: Cissa and I Hope Chest'ed for 8 hours! Read the story about it on the blog at!

Sunday: Church for me while Bryan became a certified Crossfit trainer. Huge blessing! We watched a movie, relaxed together and did a million loads of laundry. I realized after this whole week off, that my knees didn't hurt at all anymore! YAY!

So Monday on my first workout back, I did 2,000 meters of rowing and 150 squats and my knees still felt fine! Then Tuesday I did some squatting with weight and they felt fine except that my leg muscles were sore from the day before so I was walking weirdly to compensate, therefore, my knees felt a little weak but not really painful. So today instead of over-compensating for the awesome workout soreness in my legs, I've been forcing myself to walk as normally as possibly so as to not put stress on my knees. I iced them last night just in case, and they've felt great today! I'm hoping that week of rest allowed me to start over with my knees and I'll slowly build up from here on out.

I'm glad they're not hurting anymore and praying they don't start it again!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


God, be with me today as I go into doing something very difficult for me to do. Be with my in my words and actions and body language. Lead me. Please give me wisdom and discernment God. Kindness, gentleness, understanding... Help me to stay even-tempered. Please bless this time Lord. May it bear fruit.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Relaxing at Home

Well, last night was awesome.

I worked a little later at work and once I got out, checked a voicemail from Miss Nguyen at Nguyen Tailor Shop reminding me that I still owed them $30 for altering a dress for me before Bryan and I got married! When I was picking up the dress those many months ago, I forgot that they don't take debit cards and only had $25 in my wallet. So because I'm a long-standing customer, they let me take the dress on an IOU. Then with the rush of life blowing hard on my back, I totally forgot about getting them the rest of what I owed them! Now, 5 months later, they realize I still owe them! So of course I couldn't let them go unpaid, so I went to the bank, withdrew $30 cash, and ran it over to Miss Nguyen before they closed at 6.

After that Bryan had me run to Wal-Mart to by some charcoal for our grill. I wobbled through our front door with this massive bag of charcoal in one arm and purse, coat, keys, and cell phone in the other. Then Bryan got to grilling us some steak and broccoli! I sat outside on the railing of our wooden back porch and watched him happily grill (using the grilling utensils set that was given to him by family for Christmas for the 2nd time) and laying loving eyes on my puppy as he rolled around in the crunchy grass that is about to come out of hibernation. From my view atop the railing of our porch, I saw our tree blooming little pink buds and white flowery blossoms sprouting from rigid branches that looked like they were still asleep. This is the state in which the trees still look half winterized, just now arising from a long (and bitter cold) sleep, stretching their arms and yawning.

I went inside and decided to get out a pan and melt some butter and throw in some mushrooms. Oh man. No other vegetable smells better than mushrooms cooking on the strove top. Our broccoli ended up tasting funny for some reason so I doused mine in shredded cheese. The steak was cooked perfectly. We sat at our little dining table together and ate dinner as Wesley periodically strolled close to sniff up the air and lay his cute little bonker in my lap. (Bonker means head in our household.) We had American Idol on the TV. We tuned in right after Paige apparently bombed her performance. I haven't kept up with any season of American Idol since before my dad took me on a trip to Memphis to audition for it in 2006. It wasn't too thrilling, so since then, I quit watching it. But now that Bryan and I don't have cable TV, we go to the channel that has the clearest signal and most interesting show on.

We cuddled on the couch and watched the rest of American Idol after we finished dinner. Then when the show wrapped up, we decided it was time for a Braum's trip. We needed cereal, milk, orange juice, bacon, eggs, and of course, cinnamon rolls. He ended up getting a chocolate shake, and I ate half of my single scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough in a waffle cone before losing my desire for it and throwing it away. We tease each other a lot. The whole time we were browsing through Braums I was "accidentally" bumping into him, and pinching his tush as I walked by him in a way no one else could tell that's what I was doing. He joked with me in front of the cashier and we laughed all the way out the door.

I love my life with him. Especially when he doesn't mind when I half-way accidentally toot in the bed.

That was our Tuesday evening!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tonight Bryan & I were comparing ourselves to food. I told him he was more trail mix than a bag of m&m's. He told me, "You're like an exotic fruit. You know like, those dried fruits. Like... a date!"

Monday, March 22, 2010

Motorcycle Ride with Daddy

I'm taking this whole week off from Crossfit which is bad because I'll feel like a blob all week, but good because hopefully my knees will recoup... and it gives me a chance to spend my evenings doing something different.

This evening my daddy took me on a motorcycle ride on his brand new 08 Honda Goldwing. It's pretty darn sweet. My dad's been really wanting a Goldwing for years! He finally got himself one. (He'll be selling his Vulcan as soon as someone with the funds shows interest.) He bought this Goldwing just in time for his 2 month furlough from work. He's going to travel from coast to coast, visiting his best friend in Washington, his brother in Colorado, his sister in Ohio, and more. He plans to get on route 66 too, and just go... with no plan... no time restraint. Sounds amazing right?

So today I went on my first ride with him on his new motorcycle. It was sunny and cool. I wore a soft sweater and bought my coat along in case it got colder as the evening grew darker. Dad took me by Pops (our traditional stop for a soda break) but since I haven't had soda in 5-6 months (and have a commitment not to have any until the end of this year), I got a V8 Splash. Dad got a lemon spritzer thingy and a squishy Pops keychain for his naked new motorcycle key... you know, the kind that floats if dropped in water.

We ran into a guy named Dale wearing an Edmond Solid Waste Management shirt and driving a Harley. He and dad struck up conversation and I decided to walk around and snap some pictures. I loved how our big blue Oklahoma sky looked today. With skinny white clouds stretched across it. My dad told me once that they're called cirrus clouds, I think. (He's an air traffic control instructor.)

I threw my coat on for the rest of our trip and off we went down the half sunny and half shadow-covered road called Route 66 East. I loooove riding down Route 66. There's so many interesting things to see. I always wish I could quickly snap pictures as we fly by. Like the cow walking through the ditch full of water from the melted snow or the aluminum windmills or broken down old buildings whose exteriors tell stories of some good kickin years.

Half the time we listened to the awesome stereo system as we rode along. Klove. Making the perfect opportunity for me to just sing and worship God. Going by the trees, wide open green fields, seeing little daffodils popping wildly through the dirt... It's beautiful. And the other half of the time we rode in silence which leaves you with pure awe for God's creation and even the remnants of activity from good ol' country people.

Going east, the sun felt so warm on my back and neck. It was the comforting feeling like I get when my puppy kisses me with his warm little tongue. We rode and rode and had no where to go, no time to be back. I stretched my arms and legs out. I loved watching dad wave to every motorcycle rider that went by. Like he's always done.

Once we reached the town of Chandler, he looked back and told me to holler whenever we needed to turn back because he could ride all night. I told him we might as well turn back now, since Bryan is hungry and we don't have much sunlight left. So we did. And the sun felt even better on my face... especially considering this sweet bike has a seat warmer on it... so my tush and back were perfectly warm. It's fun to go back the way you came and especially with Route 66, you notice things that didn't catch your eye the first go-round.

We arrived back to my house. Bryan got chicken breasts out and the coal for the grill. He grilled while dad warmed his bum by the coals and I played fetch with Wesley. Bry cooked us a yummy dinner of grilled chicken and brown rice and I made peas and crescent rolls. Mmm mmm mm! We all laughed a lot gathered around the table. It was fun.

I really cherish these times with my dad. He's great and I love seeing the childlike delight in him over riding motorcycles. There's only a few things in this world that make him that happy, and he inhabits his entire life with every element that makes his life a joy to live. That's one thing I admire about him. There's no room in his life for things he doesn't like anymore. He's lived long enough to weed all of that out.

I love my Crossfit, but this will be a good week of getting to enjoy things like this. Can't wait for whatever adventure tomorrow brings!
Bryan said one of the sweetest things ever to me last night: "You're the happiest person I know who walks around with a broken heart half the time."
I love him.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New blog...

Hello all! This is where I will be writing all that comes from my mind aside from the musings about my husband and I which you will still find at This is my personal blog which will serve as a journal of time in my life. I hope you all enjoy reading!

Today is the first day of spring and even though March is notorious for being the most popular month for snow in Oklahoma, Facebook and Twitter exploded with people's comments that were seemingly surprised over the turn the weather has taken! Don't be surprised my friends! Yes, I know, it was 70 degrees and beautiful yesterday, but we do live in Oklahoma after all.

A week or so ago, Oklahoma got it's first tornado on the ground of the season. I kind of like this time of the year here especially for the rain and thunderstorms that lullaby me to sleep at night, but not because of the destruction that the wind and tornadoes and lighting strikes can cause. Every year I hope and pray that everyone stays safe. It is exhilarating though, you have to admit! Most people who were born and raised here are the kind that would rather stand in their front yard and watch the sky than sit in their bathtubs with a mattress on their heads. Some of my friends have even had the gumption to jump in their vehicles and drive towards the activity to try to catch a close-up glimpse of the action. Yes, my husband has even done that. But ya know, us Oklahomans also know how to take weather seriously.

I've enjoyed today. We've been snowed in and haven't even tried leaving the house. We didn't get out of our pajamas, I didn't do my hair or make up, and besides cleaning up the kitchen well enough just to function, we didn't do any chores either. Just relaxed. We watched King Kong, and then the extras and behind the scenes DVD. We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast (as we do every Saturday morning), had an early dinner of Bryan's homemade tacos, drank coffee, and baked cookies. We napped on and off, hung out mostly on the couch, and played with our puppy. So as much as I really do look forward to the warm weather arriving for good, the snow was food for the soul forcing us to just chill. We've all had quite the amount of snow this year, haven't we? I hope everyone enjoyed their snowed-in days the way we have.