Friday, May 6, 2011

Life is only a vapor

There have been many reminders lately that life is so temporary. Most of the time I live my life and think my thoughts and say my words as if I have 80 more years to live. But I can't live that way and it's hard to remember that. I have to live just like the cliche - "like there's no tomorrow!" Because honestly, there may not be one! It's hard to wrap my mind around what that actually means.

What it DOESN'T mean is:
1. Resolving to not make plans for tomorrow (or further in the future)because "it doesn't matter"
2. Being frivolous with what you're given so that if you do end up living 80 more years, those latter years are miserable and you end up with regret
3. Being unwise with your plans so that "tomorrow" falls apart
4. Crawling into a hole and blinding yourself to needs and relationships
5. Not praying for the future or losing hope for the future
6. Not having kids because "you don't want to bring people into this world"
7. Doing dumb things because you think life doesn't matter
8. Giving into worldly pleasures because "what does it matter?"
9. Sinning because "life is short!"
10. Not building a beautiful legacy that can be passed down through many generations

What it DOES mean is:
1. Being wise with money and relationships and talents you've been given for the Glory of God and futhering His Kingdom even IF life as we know it ends tomorrow
2. Living passionately to love and reach out to fellow man
3. Upholding God's commandments and obeying Him from the overflow of our love for Him
4. Bring kids into the world so that they can positively affect it
5. Do things with much prayer, wisdom, and discernment because every action DOES matter.
6. Building a beautiful legacy that everyone who knows you can adore you for and can make an impact on generations to come
7. And most importantly... building a strong relationship with Jesus Christ so that you can have confidence on judgment day... whenever that is.

None of us know WHEN that will be. But I could be struck down with sickness. I could have my sight, speech, hearing, ability to walk, or ability to bear children taken away. I could have my most loved ones taken away. Our government and country could crumble. Natural disaster could strike out a whole civilization, and it could be ours. And what will we have to show for the short life we've lived?

Suffer well. Draw close to God in trouble. Adhere to a life of loving Him first and putting others before ourselves. Live with JOY no matter our circumstances. Because that is what God calls us to do as Christians.

Defend God and the Bible with humility. Love others so passionately that you are a good vessel for God to use to bring people to Him so that they may have life everlasting with Him in Heaven and on a new perfect earth.

I'm feeling this so passionately right now it makes my heart stop. I feel so invigorated when I'm in the presence of someone who obviously loves the Lord. I want to soak them in. I want the world to be saturated by this type of people. And that makes me want to be in the presence of the Lord so badly that I can barely think of anything else. The best part is... I know that someday I will be in His presence. NOTHING can amount to that comfort and joy. Nothing can amount to that.

Someday Lord, I'm going to be with you and that makes me so happy! But in the meantime, while I'm here doing your work however short or long a time that may be, I pray that I can build a relationship with you so strong and help others to do the same. Amen.

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