Monday, February 27, 2012

It will be sweet.

So here's an update on my dad:

There's no cancer in his bones! Or bladder or surrounding areas. Yes! His cancer is stage 2 or 3 (they wouldn't know which unless they were able to go in and look at the prostate itself). He is a Gleason 9 - which means the concentration of cancer cells on one area of the prostate is 90%. Because of this high Gleason number, many of the treatment options were described to us by his doctor to be less than ideal. So dad is opting for a total removal. The side effects are impotence and 5% of men also suffer from incontinence. That's a really low number though, so that's great.

His PET scan showed that there are some 4mm nodules on his lungs. These scans are so sensitive that they pick up everything, so it could be cause for alarm, or may not be. It could be related to his COPD. So, on March 2nd he's having a pulmonary test done to check out those nodules and generally evaluate his lungs to see if they're in good enough condition for him to go under for the prostate removal surgery. On March 7th, he will be doing cardiac tests to make sure his heart can also undergo the surgery. If both of those check out well, he'll be having the surgery done quickly after those test results come back. Then he'll be down for the count for about 2-3 weeks. Then our sweet Titus will be born! Dad will be in good enough shape to at least hold him by then.

If his pulmonary and cardiac tests don't check out, we'll be looking at radiation or cryotherapy. I'm praying that we won't even have to go there. Best case scenario would be to just get the entire cancerous prostate taken right out!

We really like the robotic surgeon who dad would have do his removal surgery. He said that a best-of-the-best expert will do about 20 of these surgeries a year, and he does about 20 a month! There have been about 4,000 of these surgeries performed, and he's done 600 of them himself! And has a 100% success rate. So, we feel very confident in that.

So, now onto other things...

Today I am 32 weeks 6 days pregnant with our little Titus. There are only 51 more days until we're at 40 weeks! Hitting the near 50 day mark has been making it feel pretty real to me recently! I am a mother! Incredible! I already love him so much. I am so excited to meet him.

Bryan is going to paint his bedroom this weekend. I am very excited for that. Then all we need to do is get his crib put together, get his pre-assembled dresser out of the box, and wait to see what the baby showers bring. :) This Saturday is my church shower and next Saturday is my regular baby shower. I am so excited to gather with my friends and family and celebrate my little love! And SO grateful to the sweet women who have been planning and putting together these celebrations. I am so blessed!

Yesterday I completed the list of songs for a mix CD my friend is making me to play when I go into labor, I'm in the midst of reading 'The No Cry Sleep Solution', and thinking about things like what scented candles to buy and where to put the birth pool, and paying the midwives off this Thursday, and Bryan coming to a midwife appointment for the first time, and the Scriptures I've compiled for encouragement during labor, and just... all of the little details of having a home birth. It's what is consistently in the back of my mind. Coolest part is, I'm also soaking in these days of not having Titus here yet and not wishing these days away. Soon my every move and thought will be about what is best for Titus. Right now, I can still jump out of bed and be on my way somewhere in less than 10 minutes. Right now, I can take a shower for as long as I want any time I want. Right now, I can write long blog posts, and clean, and nap, and read, and have silence, and meet friends places without worrying about if the place is baby friendly or breastfeeding or what time that is on Titus's nap or feeding schedule, or needing a babysitter. Right now, I can pick up and go on a date with Bryan for as long as I want.

So I realize that these are precious times. I realize that I won't ever have them back. :) And I'm not sad about that. I'm not anxious about either chapter of my life, the one ending or the one beginning. God's peace is lavished all over it. Titus was created for such a time as this! He is being knit together in my womb with purpose and love and with a plan laid out for his life. He will dramatically change Bryan and I's lives as we know it. And it will be sweet.

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