Monday, February 13, 2012

A random splattering of the past while in iPhone photos

See that tiny sweet little baby? Our niece Kailen. She is having her first birthday in just over a week! This year has passed too quickly!

Baby Brock. I babysat him for almost a year. I miss him so much already! Hopefully he and Titus can become good friends.

My beautiful Cissa! I love her so
much. I can't even put in words how much she means to me.

Fun vacation in California in July!

My Newberry kiddos <3

A fun Twilight movie date with Jenni!

I finally got to meet baby Charlotte!

I miss my Shel Bel


A date with my Rachel

Babysitting all my favorites at once! :)

Cissa ran her first marathon!

Plucked Bryan's first gray hair

A delicious date with Bryan celebrating the end of his strict Whole 30 diet

A doctor appointment with my daddy

My Blalocks.

Dru is 4!

This sugar dog that is my constant sweet companion

This man that I am deeply devoted to. My love.

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